Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness How many of you reading this consider yourselves physically fit? How would you define physical fitness at your age group? What activities do you perform on a regular basis that require some level of fitness? These are questions to consider when evaluating how physically fit you are. Fitness is not just about your […]


Zach was spotted at MSG riding the Sportscare Zamboni and watching his favorite hockey team the NY Rangers….way to go Zach. #Official Partner & Proud Sponsor #We’re not just Sports….we’re all about the Care!


Balance Many people develop difficulty walking as they age. One common, coexisting factor is the presence of poor balance. For the geriatric population, this combination is extremely dangerous and can increase an individuals risk of falling. Falls are particularly dangerous, as this population is typically at risk for fracture, or more commonly known as broken […]


Childbirth Childbirth is an extremely taxing process for a woman’s body. During pregnancy and after childbirth there are many conditions and orthopedic ailments that develop for the expectant mother. In addition, a women that experiences a cesarean procedure is subjected to a much slower progression to full activity. Sportscare physical therapy is staffed with exceptionally […]

Generalized Weakness

 Generalized Weakness Generalized weakness is one of the most common medical complaints of seniors in the US. It is characterized by muscle weakness throughout the body. Lack of muscle fitness (deconditioning) is one of the most common causes of muscle weakness. It may occur as a result of an inactive (sedentary) lifestyle. If muscles are not […]

What Is Osteoporosis

What Is Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, typically as a result of hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D. Bones become weak and are at a greater risk for fracture. This condition often impacts women far more than men. 1 […]


ACL I think a very good example of an injury that most of us thought as severe, but turned out not to be was in last night’s Superbowl with Dion Lewis (RB #33 New England Patriots). Dion caught a pass in the flat and as he spun to make a football move toward the sideline, planted […]

Grand Opening Celebration

Grand Opening In our 2nd Jacksonville Location at 8457 Western Way, Jacksonville, Florida 904-685-6226. To locate a facility closer to you text your zip code to 1-844-700-0013.