Minimizing Injuries

Proper training is Key to Minimizing Injuries

  Athletes understand that if they want to perform at their peak, they must remain physically and mentally healthy, this is also key to minimizing injuries. It is equally important to build both physical strength as well as mental confidence that the body is capable of performing at a certain level. Without that level of […]

Increased Range of Motion

Increased Range of Motion With Hurdle Drills

Tightness in the hips and hamstrings are an indicator that you are at risk for an injury. One of the best ways to prevent or decrease the chance of injury would be mobility drills for increased range of motion. Dynamic stretches are great for moving the muscle through its range of motion but it is […]

Starting a Workout in 10 Basic Steps.

Starting a Workout in 10 Basic Steps.

When you are thinking about getting back in shape there are a few basic steps to starting a workout that can mean the difference between quitting and failing, or great success. Following these 10 simple suggestions will give you a better chance of reaching your goal. Warm up- Make sure your body is warmed up, […]