Our expert staff understands and provides programs as unique as the adults we train. Our small group class setting promotes optimal body composition with long term health benefits and an unparalleled take on adult training. The SPI|LIFE program (Lifting Integrated Functional Exercise) features a 4-tiered approach to health and fitness with 3 class types and a cutting-edge nutrition program designed around you.”

Youth Classes (Ages 7-11)

Our Youth Classes are specifically formulated to address the unique needs of children ages 7-11. During this stage of development, it is crucial for children to be taught the proper techniques. Our sixty minute youth sessions place a strong emphasis on form evaluation and technique correction, setting the stage for early success in sports and recreation. With effective class ratios, our athletes have the luxury of personalized instruction in a highly stimulating and fun environment.

Sports Performance (Ages 12-15)

In this first level of performance training, our classes aim to solidify the foundation of neuromuscular adaptations and take beginning strides towards reaching athletic potential. Classes are divided into two age groups with programs designed to teach the concepts of speed, acceleration and agility. An early focus is placed on form and running economy to ingrain proper technique. Our expert staff ensures that all aspects of athleticism are addressed in a highly-stimulating environment to prepare our members for the demands of competitive sports.

Peak Performance (Ages 15-18)

Our 90 minute Peak Performance classes offer increased complexity and higher intensity to achieve optimal adaptations for higher level athletic performance. With cutting-edge training methods and the addition of a specialized strength training component, our peak athletes develop an edge over the competition that translates to success on the field.

Elite Status-Peak athletes who strive to reach the highest tier of their age group have the opportunity to achieve Elite Status and earn their Elite Black Training Shirt, reserved for those who meet specialized criteria during their performance evaluations. In addition, Elite athletes will be featured on social media for increased recruiting exposure and receive a complimentary SPI gear package.

Step Up

SportsCare’s Step Up program allows SportsCare Physical Therapy Patients the opportunity to continue their home exercise program upon discharge under the supervision of our certified Performance Coaches and the comfort of having our Physical Therapists available should the need arise. An exercise specialist will provide an initial consultation to develop a recovery plan based on your needs to improve your progress.

Team Training

Our goal is to give athletes a competitive advantage through proper training techniques. SportsCare will tailor a training program to any team’s specific needs. Through Team Training athletes will develop increased strength, speed and agility in the areas most needed in their respective sport.

ACL Return to Play

The degreed and certified coaching and athletic training staff at SPI leads the industry of ACL injury reduction and return to play. Through the latest research and performance technology, the ACL RTP Program bridges the gap between the final stages of rehab and the highest levels of competition. With a strategic combination of landing mechanics, change of direction, deceleration progressions and total athletic muscle balancing, athletes develop strength, stability, and confidence in a controlled environment as they prepare for their field of gameplay.


All SPI clients have complimentary access to a powerful took fueled by Vitabot-the same technology trusted by the US Military and numerous Division 1 Collegiate programs.  The individualized meal planning and goal tracking application helps clients balance 26 different nutrients by showing you what foods to remove and suggesting what foods to add.  In addition, the app syncs with certain fitness tracking devices to provide a full spectrum approach with fitness, nutrition and sleep monitoring.

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